At the end of every project, I encourage you to reflect.

Think about the stages.

Think about your goal for the project and the reason that you tackled it in the first place. Did you accomplish your goal? Do you feel better in this space? Are things easier to access?

Think about the process of letting go. What did you end up getting rid of? Was it all a bunch of well loved but old things that just needed to be replaced? Was it a bunch of impulse buys? Was it gifts that you felt obligated to keep? Was it trendy clothes that you thought you just had to have? Was it sentimental items that you realized weren't necessary to keep? Taking time to understand what you are getting rid of, will help keep those items out of your home in the future.

Think about the organization process. Did you find any tricks that made it easier? Did you have to adjust your vision at all? Did you realize anything about the location you stored items?

Take time to truly think about the process from start to end. It's important to analyze and understand individual tendencies so that you can use them as strengths. It's important to understand our weaknesses as well so that we can properly adjust to them.