The goal of the systems that you create is that they will be long lasting, meaning you don't have to play the game of "hide all of your stuff" when having company over. You can focus more on LIVING in your home, rather than cleaning it. You can feel calm and collected, rather than bogged down by a to do list.

But as humans, we aren't perfect.

I encourage you to schedule in time to "love" the systems you have put in place. In the beginning this may be more often, just a quick reset to put things back the desired way. Moving forward, schedule it in with your normal cleaning. Once a month, I do a deeper clean in my home.. and thats when I will do a quick reset of my drawers, shelves, closets, cabinets, etc. Because I'm checking on things once a month, its less work and much quicker. If I were to ignore the spaces I would probably find myself eventually having to reorganize the entire space.

If your space is perfectly clean come time to tidy- GREAT! Thats one task you get to check off immediately. But when my cabinets do need some extra attention, I'm so happy that I plan it in, and you will be too!

Below I have attached both a completed organizer, and an empty organizer for your choosing. Take a look at them to help you develop your own cleaning plans, or print them out and laminate them for your own use!

Household Calendar.pdf