This might just be the most important step of the entire process. Well, all the steps are seriously important but this one takes the cake for keeping your life organized.

To successfully utilize these spaces without them being a disaster in just a week, you (and your family) have to create habits to keep these spaces organized! You have products in new spaces, new bins, new shelves- and you need to train your brain to put things back here so that it doesn't require a lot of motivation to do so.

This is why I always encourage clients to tackle ONE SPACE AT A TIME. This gives you the flexibility to really focus on this space, creating habits for keeping it clean, and making necessary adjustments.

Examples are a lot easier to understand so here are a few for you;

  1. You create a new system to organize your kids craft supplies. This requires weeks, if not months of commitment for not only you to continue putting things away, but also helping and guiding your kids to properly put the items away so that eventually they will be self sufficient.
  2. You create a new organizational system for your utensils in your kitchen and switch around the drawers. This will take weeks of intentionally unloading your dishwasher and carving out a bit of extra time because it will no longer be muscle memory, and will require your attention to put things back correctly.

This adjustment doesn't last forever! Your mind will catch on to the new system and new habits will be created.. but don't skip this step or else you will be overwhelmed with all the new changes. Slow & steady wins the race!

Below I have attached my Habit Tracking Printables- Print these out and use them to help develop long last habits.

Click here to watch my youtube video explaining exactly how to use them!